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"Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior."

Carl von Clausewitz



Torture Survivor

"I'm lucky enough to have met these people who have helped me to deal with the darkest part of my life.


Using the techniques that Drs John and Elizabeth McIntosh have taught me has helped me to eliminate the nightmares out of my life. I'm like a new person and it made me really, really happy.


Life is good!"




AS HER debut single release continues to garner plenty of attention, young Newcastle artist Trinity Woodhouse is building on her trophy collection.

At the weekend’s Steel City Country Music Club Talent Quest, on September 22, the 15-year-old took first place in the Duo/Trio Section with Kevin Goodbun, second in the Junior Vocal 13-17 years, and third in Instrumental.

“Kevin and I don’t normally perform together, but we do perform at a lot of the same places, just not as a duo,” Trinity said.



Burns Survivor

"I didn't realise I had PTSD, until I was finalising my memoirs in 2017.  Reliving my past traumas and feeling the emotional pain and suffering from my childhood was affecting my physical and mental health.  

I overcame extreme adversity to become successful in business and life using Positive Mindfulness Cognition, which is part of the TUF Minds Program.


I have now gone on to become a published Author, Goodwill Ambassador and successful business leader."



Life Survivor

Brian Gerrard is a qualified hairdresser, qualified barber and he also has Associate Diplomas in Dermatology and Trichology.


Brian has worked all over the world with leading hair care brands and now wants to share his story with you.


"For every bad thing that has happened to me... an equally amazing thing has happened as well."

Seeking help if you are affected.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental well-being, please contact the appropriate group on our Important Links page and you can start your journey to recovery. 

Downloading the TUFMINDS App will also help to build mental resilience.

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