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TUFMINDS Life Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation with a FREE TUFMINDS Smartphone App that is saving lives globally. 


We are currently offering volunteer opportunities in all capital cities to be a TUFMINDS ADVOCATE at the ground level.  Volunteers are one of our most precious resources and their dedication inspires others to have a sense of purpose by making a difference to the lives of people in their community.


We have opportunities for everyone to use their individual skills and available time to help make the world a better place and change people’s lives for the better.


You may want to become a TUFMINDS State Advocate for many reasons including: -


·         The organisation is close to your heart and you want to help

·         You have skills that you want to use or gain

·         You have time that you want to commit to a cause

·         You want to meet new and inspirational people

·         You are passionate and want to make a difference!


TUFMINDS volunteers know that they are doing a great thing and whatever time they can contribute, whether small or large, it all adds up and helps change people’s lives.  Our volunteers gain confidence in their abilities and skills and make wonderful connections with people in a wide range of areas and you will be supplied with all the information and facts needed to discuss any issues required to promote TUFMINDS and the programs.  You can learn so much from our highly skilled staff who are always there to support you. 


Volunteering is not only rewarding on a personal level, but can also provide a wide range of skills that can be highly desirable for your future employer, including: -


·         The ability to work as part of a global team

·         Communication and improved interpersonal skills

·         Time management, planning and prioritising skills

·         Problem solving and flexibility

·         Leadership qualities

·         And much more!


To apply, please complete our Volunteer Expression of Interest Form.

Seeking help if you are affected.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental well-being, please contact the appropriate group on our Important Links page and you can start your journey to recovery. 

Downloading the TUFMINDS App will also help to build mental resilience.

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