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TUFMINDS is a mental resilience and suicide prevention program provided by the Exqisit Life Foundation, a not- for- profit, registered charity (No 159 616 298). Established in 2018 by Drs John and Elizabeth McIntosh, TUFMINDS is being used in 51 countries around the world. TUFMINDS is saving lives from suicide on a daily basis, as well as, dramatically improving mental resilience, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and life coping skills.

The TUFMINDS charity events aim to raise funds to:-

  • Continue to collaborate with CQ University and James Cook University, in providing much needed research into suicide prevention.

  • Provide support to community organisations and charities.

  • Partner with community organisations to provide much needed programs for those at risk.


TUF stands for:
Think - Think Positively

Understand - Knowledge is Power

Flourish and Thrive

We are seeking to serve the community more effectively and are looking for Committee Management volunteers by seeking individuals with specialist expertise in one or more of the following:-

  • Community and business engagement

  • Volunteer recruitment and management

  • Marketing, event management and social media engagement

  • Strategy-execution

  • Strategic partnering and fundraising

  • Accounting and Financial Management


The Committee Management position/s is voluntary and a great way in which you can give back to the community.

Previous experience in Committee Membership/Management is preferred, but not essential.

To Apply

Please send your expression of interest with cover letter and personal profile to:-


Questions relating to the role can be directed to Annette Swann, CEO TUFMINDS on 0418 116 788.

Expressions of Interest are due by 31 July 2021.

Seeking help if you are affected.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental well-being, please contact the appropriate group on our Important Links page and you can start your journey to recovery. 

Downloading the TUFMINDS App will also help to build mental resilience.

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