Drs John & Eli McIntosh, The Positivity Experts and creators of the

TUFMINDS program, presenting at the Suicide Prevention Australia Conference

Melbourne, 22 - 25 June 2019

Project SkillfullyAware (PSA) consists of six pre-recorded 1-hour classes.

The evidence-based information and practices in the class will undoubtedly help you grow and feel better. PSA provides a blend of easy-to-understand scientific and spiritual elements that are relatable to anyone. In the class, I will teach you about meditation, mindfulness, and attunement. It’s a complete mind-body education. Once you register, you’ll receive emails that provide you easy access to each class.

TUFMINDS Life Rescue is a FREE Smartphone based mental wellness and suicide intervention program. Accessible anytime and anywhere, it contains the essential keys to understanding mental illness and the underlying suicidal thoughts. This APP helps you recognise the signs and symptoms of people with suicidal thoughts. It provides insight to know how to ask the right questions to find out if someone is suicidal and know what to do if they say yes. There is also a module for crisis intervention for anyone thinking about suicide right now.

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Seeking help if you are affected.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental well-being, please contact the appropriate group on our Important Links page and you can start your journey to recovery. 

Downloading the TUFMINDS App will also help to build mental resilience.

TUFMINDS Life Rescue

Registered Charity 159 616 298

Mackay Qld 4740