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Double your profits by creating positive cultures that improve staff productivity and customer satisfaction.

In this breakthrough book, Australia's positivity experts, international authors and business consultants Dr John Mcintosh and Elizabeth McIntosh explain unique and exciting new strategies to create workplace cultures and attitudes that are positive and empowering.

The true cost of absenteeism to Australian business is over 33 billion each year and the extra workload created by absenteeism falls on staff, resulting in higher stress levels, poor health outcomes and greater absenteeism - "It is a vicious circle."

This book breaks the vicious circle and eliminates toxic habits and behaviours, resulting in dramatic workplace improvements and exponential business growth and profits.

You'll learn:
- Breakthrough systems to create positive workplace cultures and enthusiastic, productive staff and eliminating toxic workplace environments
- New accelerated business principles to catapult your profits exponentially
- The essential guide to harness the full potential of everyone in your business, shifting the status quo
- Tips and tools to eliminate interpersonal conflict and how to increase confidence and abundance thinking
- The critical 3 step formula to change workplace negativity into positivity that is powerful, effective and easy to use
- How to avoid costly litigation from workplace illness and injury, reduce staff absences through the workplace wellness strategies
- 10 psychological tricks to improving customer service and satisfaction that will accelerate your business growth.

This book will help you take immediate control of your business success.

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