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You are one step away from becoming an
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We reveal what you don't know about positive communication strategies that could drive your business to ultimate success!

What's in the Course?

The course was co-written and developed by Drs John and Eli McIntosh, award winning entrepreneurs and successful global multi-business owners.

Catapult your business to a new level by:-

  • Eliminating drama, gossip and sarcasm in the workplace

  • Creating positive and supportive atmospheres

  • Resolving conflict and complaints effectively and easily

  • Increasing productivity, problem solving and resilience

Who's the Course for?

If you aren't seeing the results that you hope for within your business or workplace - or you're looking for guidance to show you how to improve your work environment and create systems to protect you, your colleagues and your business from mental health crises and reduce Work Cover claims and litigation! - whether you're a Business Owner, Manager, Leader or you want to learn how to become one of these, this is the course for you!

These strategies are the key to multi-million dollar successful businesses!

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About the Trainers


Dr John McIntosh, MBChB, MRCP (UK), MRCGP

Dr Eli McIntosh, PhD, BMSc

Drs John Eli McIntosh are the creators of “TUFMINDS", innovative Training Programs They are co-authors of two Award Winning and Best Selling books, ‘Mastering Negative Impulsive Thoughts (NITs)’ and ‘CEO Principles’.

They have designed these programs using the Positive Mindfulness Cognition processes that cover Business, Health, Relaxation and Success!

Their successful businesses are global and based on excellence, servicing gaps and improving society. All are based on Positivity Principles and they have won multiple business awards and medical awards over the years including, Global Business Insight Award, Telstra Business Award, Australian Institute of Management's Business Leader and Entrepreneur Awards, AGPAL and Top 25 Australian CEO Award.

Global Business Insight Medical Business of the Year

Telstra Business of the Year

Australian Institute of Management's Business Leaders of the Year

Australian Institute of Management's Owners/Entrepreneurs of the Year

AGPAL Excellence in Consumer Engagement

AGPAL Practice of the Year

Top 25 Australian CEO

International #1 Bestseller

Elit Award


What do experts have to say about TUFMINDS...

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"The TUFMINDS program is fantastic because it not only deals with the crises needs around suicide, but also helps in terms of a person going to a healthier and higher level of well-being.  Maslow could have been your consultant in terms of dealing with the negativity or the illness and being aware of the positives and the potential.

The TUFMINDS Program is great value!"

Dr Ari Kopolow, Psychiatrist, MD, DLFAPA, ACP, CGP

World Leading Psychiatrist and Positivity Expert 


David Pich

Chief Executive, Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia & New Zealand

"The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) believes passionately in sound management and leadership practice.  At AIM we strive to remain at the cutting edge of developments in the leadership space, and there is no doubt that many of these developments are taking place in the area of mental health and mentally healthy workplaces.

Creating healthy workplace environments, with positive cultures and effective staff interactions is absolutely critical to business success.  From the simple financial costs perspective alone, mental health impacts Australian businesses to the tune of 33 billion dollars every year and is now the second most common claim under WorkCover.

Our onus is increasingly on organisations to create positive, supportive workplaces - and to have effective strategies to assist and protect staff from mental health illness."

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