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This Webinar Will Help You Amplify The Performance Of Your Business And Staff, While Tearing Down The Barriers That Are Constantly Holding You Back From That NEXT LEVEL!

Only a few spots available.  If this page is active it means spots in our webinar have opened up for a limited time!

This webinar will reveal the little known secrets about how to get the best out of your team to help drive your business to ultimate success!

The TUFMINDS Business Leadership Program is co-written and developed by Drs John and Eli McIntosh, award winning entrepreneurs and successful global multi-business owners.

​Catapult your business into the new decade by:-

  • Vital steps to increase productivity which in turn drastically improves profit.

  • Eliminating all of the problems that create chaos when drama, undermining and other negative behaviours are present at work.

  • Techniques to amplify staff performance.

  • Unique problem solving strategies that builds positive and resilient staff.


These strategies are the key to multi-million dollar successful businesses!


Dr John McIntosh, MBChB, MRCP (UK), MRCGP

Dr Eli McIntosh, PhD, BMSc

Drs John Eli McIntosh have been mentoring businesses and sharing their secrets to success. Their research proven processes have been course structured, certified and are available on their TUFMINDS Training Website.

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When: Wednesday 2nd February, 2020

Time:  6.30pm Aust EST

This System Is The Apex.  It Is Elite. It Is The Highest Level Of Leadership Techniques Available.  Here Are What Others Have To Say About The TUFMINDS Business Leadership Program


Marius Johnson


Bcerta Australia

The techniques I learned from this training program have greatly improved my leadership skills. My team is more productive, which is great for the business, staff and most importantly, our clients."


Mick Baker

State Manager

Jennmar Australia

The TUFMINDS Program has been a phenomenal success in our business.  From our culture and general atmosphere to creating positive attitudes despite monotonous and heavy jobs.  It has allowed our employees to recognise some of the negativity that they may have, not only in the workplace but in their personal lives.  We have noticed a massive improvement right across the board for everybody."

Brad Benson.JPG

Brad Bensen

QC Inspector

Jennmar Australia

This program has given me the tools to deal with negative people and keeping me positive when I'm having a bad day.  It's made a big difference in our workplace as our staff are more positive and communicate better, which makes managing the staff much easier."


Larissa Bonehill


eAdvanced Mole Clinic

I found this really helped me enormously in the business.  Everyone at work is so much happier, people walk in with a smile, they are positive and genuinely happy!  My relationships are much better and I am able to relax and destress when I get home.  It's made a really big difference to so many areas of my life.


J Meiert

"Thank you for an amazing Live Session.


Ann-Louise Jacobs

Events Manager

eXQisit Life Foundation

TUFMINDS has really helped with my communication in the workplace and it's helped me build a really good team that work so much better together. It has also had a positive impact on my personal life and helped enormously with managing my children as it has changed the way I speak to them.  In remaining calm and responding positively, they then respond much better and things are sorted out so much more easily.  The relaxation techniques worked amazingly for my stress and insomnia!"

M Matthews

"You guys are amazing!!!!  Bless yous xxx love."

S Bunter

"TUFMINDS helped me so much, i appreciate how I found  this group."

L Drew

"Thanks for yet another wonderful and inspirational chat.  The TUFMINDS techniques are fantastic!"


Mackay Regional Council are proud to be an organisational contributor to the TUFMINDS research and a customer of the TUFMINDS Training Services.

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