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OCEAN SWELL : Jill Grant

People Forget what you say, People forget what you did, but people will never forget the way you made them feel. This has been something I try hard to consider in everything I do. Make another folk feel good and you will feel good too. I love the ocean and the outdoors. I am learning to sail and love to be out at sea as much as possible. I like to give back and support. Please join my tribe and experience everything life has to offer. TUF Minds is not a complete solution but a movement that needs to be supported by those that care and want to support anyone in need. The more people that are aware of this great tool the better we can as a team/tribe fight mental illness and create a better outlook and future for our kids and following generations. Spread the word Download TUF MINDS app today! MEMBERS Zac Smith Tahnee Khalu Raelene Wells Amanda Balcomb Sandra Heron Jessica Alnajjar Angie Birditt Craig McCreedy Sarah Murrell Cathy Sullivan Emily Birditt


I am an army veteran who is passionate about helping others discover their passion and purpose in life. Having lived with PTSD since diagnosis in 2009 I became an ultra-distance runner and found a way to not only manage my symptoms but to learn about myself and who I want to be. MEMBERS Bette Wyer Rob Simpson Paul Gilver Magida Ezzat


I choose the Pandanus as they are my favourite tree. They are nature's most beautiful sculptures, each one unique in its own design ... shaped over time through harsh and extreme weather conditions, yet they still shine like beacons in the sunshine or moonlit night. This 'costal Pandanus' is the 'cp' contact point where we can meet, feel supported, get some grounding... It's ok... 'lean on me' ... "Tell me, what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life" Mary Oliver ... Simply ... I care ... about anyone I come in contact... a warm smile can change a person’s day ... xo Namaste ... MEMBERS Marion VanLint


I run the Covered in Chrome Old School Breakfasts in Mackay with over 4000 members who at times have all had their share of troubling moments as we all have, I feel that this could be a way for them to express themselves in another positive way. MEMBERS Andrew Lewty Anthony Azzopardi

COCOON : Nikolai Romanov

I really enjoy meeting people and putting together projects that inspire, empower and uplift people, whilst making connections. MEMBERS Maria Romanov Jason Sullivan Daniel Young

MOKO TOA : Carolyn McKenzie

A survivor of suicide, keen to spread mental health awareness. I have lived in Mackay for 8 years and am proud to support and share this amazing home grown initiative to the world.

GOOD VIBES : Blake Atherton

I am a young person who has seen family and friends affected by mental illness and I believe Tufminds is a real tool for change. I am a big believer in your vibe attracts your tribe. I want to create a group of positive people that is here to support each other through life's ups and downs.

Tribe Members

Tara Atherton

Jim Naysmith


My name is Joe Millen, a local Mackay water sports enthusiast. I enjoy everything about the ocean and spend most days Outrigger paddling, Stand up Paddleboarding, Kiteboarding, surfing, foiling, fishing, spearfishing all year round. I am a Technology and Engineering high school teacher with a passion to mentor and guide the youth of today. Change your emotion by changing your physiology. Motion = Positive Emotion


Kai Millen

Ella Millen

Kevin Walters


Trying to make this world kinder!! Trying to help when and where I can!


I’m a registered music therapist who is passionate about helping the most vulnerable in our society.


Tania Fairy

JEWELS : Jenny Bailey-Dixon

I grew up in Sarina/Mackay which had high numbers of Youth Suicide. I worked in Early Childhood Education, then as a Youth Worker in both Dysart & Mackay. I was a single Mum of 2 young children for quite a few years, I worked full time & was lucky enough to have a village to help me raise my children. I still have the support of my village & want to give back to our wonderful Community. I'm an active member of LRC running club & parkrun Mackay. This Tuf Minds app is such a fantastic initiative please join my tribe x

AMETHYST : Kirsty Black

I chose Amethyst for a tribe name as it is a beautiful healing stone. It helps to dispel anger, fear and anxiety. I personally have gone through some very tough times in my life and am so lucky to have received the support that I did. Since then I have spent a lot of time helping others that have been in a similar situation or simply helped others see things from a different perspective. The information on this app is literally the material that saved my life! 💕 Share it with everyone you know xo

BYRON BUTTERFLY : Michelle Stewart

I’m a 47 year old mother of 3 been suffering from Anxiety/ Depression for 15 years.

BALANCE MINDER : Leanne Simpson

A Mackay based PT & Wellness Coach specialising in tai chi. Also Fitness Aust CEC program Time Out Tai Chi developer and trainer.

MAD MUMZIES  : Leanne Drew

I worked in the mines as an operator for 13 years. Now through my “Beers With a Miner” podcast I share what it’s really like working in this industry. Interviews with those supporting miners and their families, newbies, old timers and Mad Mumzie musings help to shed some Light on what can be a tough lifestyle for some. Why do some Survive and thrive and others sadly struggle big time? I love to watch sport, mostly footy and cricket-even the tests! I am passionate about video and audio Production and creating online courses. Encouraging Peeps to look for their happy place and go there often! I hope our tribe through this wonderful platform can be another place to connect and know we are never alone. see you on the inside!

SOUL SISTAS:  Annie Jacobs

I am a mother of three amazing kids, I have been involved with the development of the tough minds app from the very beginning and I am so excited to be part of it! Everyone needs to be part of a "tribe". I know I wouldn't have gotten through the last 2 years without mine! We all have our ups and downs and we all need support to get through it.


Amanda Mullins

Fiona Stoltz

Milly McFarlane

Jackie Deguara

Elzette Smit

Emily Jane


Working in the Animal Rescue /Welfare industry I know first hand how important it is to look out for and support your team! It’s a tough role, and can be physically and mentally exhausting not to mention the emotional stresses. Compassion fatigue is a real thing for us. If we help each other out & stick together we can overcome anything. MEMBERS: Mandy Taylor

VIRTUAL NIINJAS: Caroline Manning

Working within the health and welfare sector it’s important to have a range of tools and resources available to support people to stay safe and maintain their optimum mental health and wellbeing. We are #tuffminds virtual ninjas.


Welcome to our tribe! My name is Melanie and I have created this tribe to help create a safe space full of love, positive energy and motivation to inspire and be inspired! We all have a story in life, hard times to overcome but we do not have to do it alone. We all matter and we can all make a difference. Attitude of Gratitude is about being grateful and living in the moment, it's about knowing our self worth and uniting to be the best version of ourselves. You are more then enough, you are worthy and can do amazing things in this world! So let's work together and create the attitude of gratitude and spread them good vibes! MEMBERS Dean Robinson Melanie Robinson Megan Baisden Lisa Harrison Paula Najdovski Kerryann White Paula Robinson Michelle Young Josephine Miller


Hi, I am Shelley Wyles I was the inaugural Chairperson of Mackay Regional Suicide Prevention Network in 2015 which I established with partnership of Wesley Mission. I am also a Safetalk facilitator,I have delivered free Safetalk training to our local community, sporting groups and workplaces over the last three years. I take pleasure in being a Champion of TUF Minds Life Rescue and MRSPN is proud to endorse and support this great initiative for mental health and wellness in Australia and globally! in all good chairperson of Mackay regional I just got to take it down it keeps growing up automatically network in 2015 which I established with partnership it's just it doesn't show you the whole thing at once I'm just crazy

Tribe Members

Marlie Tudor

Jan Perkins

Krystal Anno Donna Ward Debbie Archer Sarah Pauling Miranda Lennox Brooke Buckley


I’m a shift supervisor at Carborough Downs coal mine and I continually lead different groups of men and often I’m confided in with a range of short and long term issues. We work away from our family’s and friends on 7on 7off roster. I want to try and open up the minds of the men working underground. TRIBE MEMBERS Andy Collins

TRIBE OF ERT'S: Tyler Matakamikamica

Im Tyler, a Rescue Paramedic and hoping together we can have a tribe of Emergency Response Champions joining together and supporting each other. Working away from family and friends can be difficult. Camp life can be lonely. Anyone who is FIFO DIDO BIBO or even if you arent, you are all welcome in Tribe of ERTs. Together we can achieve it all.

Tribe Members


I am 57 years old I am a Mum of 3 amazing daughters l have a wonderful husband. I am a Teachers Aid and throughly enjoy working and assisting children to learn. I feel extremely blessed in life.

Tribe Members:


Pamela Tremblay has her expertise in Integrative EMDR and passion in improving the mindset of others. Her integrative approach creates new pathways when looking at mental health treatments. Pamela has built her theory after 20 years of experience in counseling, teaching, and evaluating college age young adults as the director of Counseling at LaGrange College. Pamela’s Ph.D is in Holistic Health and Nutrition and her Specialists & Masters Degrees are in Counseling and Educational Psychology. Dr. Tremblay want to provide healthy solutions to treating the Gut - Brain Axis/Microbiota through Supplementation to help with Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression in the mind. Tribe Members:

BIG THINKERS: Jodie Sainsbury

Endeavouring to encourage workers engaged in a range of shift work, rosters, FIFO/BIBO and DIDO to negotiate and manage their Work-Life Balance and the struggles with isolation, remoteness and loneliness from partners, family and friends whilst on site working with the best practice they can and to utilise professional and knowledgable resources available.

Tribe Members

Jodie Sainsbury


I’m a wife, mother & grandmother with an Adjustments Disorder. My husband is a suicide survivor. Together we have left a cult and on a healing journey to recovery. We live a grateful life, finding enjoyment in everything & everyone.

Tribe Members

Kevin Bunter


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TUF Minds Tribe Members are given the opportunity to share rewards with their Champion if they are awarded the Champion prize for the most Tribe Members. 


The first Champion prize will be in January, 2019 and 10 Champions will get to choose a Tribe Member to join them as they sail the Whitsundays on board the catamaran, Albadash.  Enjoy a fun filled day of snorkelling, swimming and meeting new friends as you cruise through the Whitsunday Islands.​​

There will also be regular prizes to win through random draws and inspiring contributions to TUF Minds forums. eg: most social media contributions, #tufminds , best tribe image, etc. 


This way everyone who is a registered Tribe member could be a winner!

Seeking help if you are affected.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental well-being, please contact the appropriate group on our Important Links page and you can start your journey to recovery. 

Downloading the TUFMINDS App will also help to build mental resilience.